What's Cooking on Wall Street: The DeCamilla Capital Podcast

Dave DeCamilla and Tigh Rickman from DeCamilla Capital Management in Sacramento, California discuss and clarify current events on Wall Street and share Dave's favorite recipes in the kitchen

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When to Sell?

Friday Mar 19, 2021

Friday Mar 19, 2021

Dave and Tigh discuss the factors they take into account when deciding whether or not to sell a stock. Dave shares his recipe for Chicken Piccata. 

Headline Risk

Friday Feb 28, 2020

Friday Feb 28, 2020

Dave and Tigh discuss headline risk and why one shouldn't 'fight the Fed'. Dave shares is recipe for tuna pasta, just in time for Lent. 

Fees: The Race to the Bottom

Friday Jul 19, 2019

Friday Jul 19, 2019

Dave and Tigh discuss why low fees don't always mean good value and the questions you need ask when selecting a investment advisor. Dave shares is recipe for Mediterranean potato salad.  

Thursday Mar 28, 2019

Dave and Tigh dispel the myth of diversification as total safety, explain what mutual funds are and Dave shares his recipe for chicken thighs and polenta. 

Thursday Oct 11, 2018

Dave and Tigh discuss strategies for weathering the recent market sell-off and the advantages of equities, even in an environment of rising interest rates. Plus, Dave shares his family recipe for minestrone soup.

Friday Aug 03, 2018

Dave and Tigh discuss IRA required minimum distributions (RMDs) and strategies for maintaining your retirement savings' purchasing power. Dave shares his recipe for his Italian tuna summer salad. 

Thursday May 17, 2018

Dave shares his thoughts on what's behind the recent rise of short term volatility, the trend of passive investing, spaghetti a'la asparagi and the benefit of grating your own parmesan cheese. 

What is a Correction?

Tuesday Feb 27, 2018

Tuesday Feb 27, 2018

Dave Decamilla from Decamilla Capital Management in Sacramento, Ca discusses market corrections and fundamental strategies for weathering them.

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